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To reach Malik's rooms, one can either come from the Workshop's Library or through the hatch in Liminal Space. Based off of Jerusalem's Bureau, it lacks any sort of modern lighting or appliances and usually smells faintly of incense, ink and paper.

The walls are mostly stone and wood, and decorations tend to be rugs and pillows. The muffled sounds of a medieval city can be heard but are covered up by the sound of the fountain for the most part.

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Path of the Assassin

A Path of Enlightenment (World of Darkness) that is based off of the tenants of the Assassin Brotherhood from Assassin's Creed, similar to a modified Path of Blood.

Aura: Resolve
Virtues: Self-Control, Conviction

  • Do not harm the innocent.
  • Hide in plain sight. To draw attention to yourself is to be seen by those who seek to harm you and those you protect.
  • Never compromise your allies. Together, we are strong. Divided we fall.
  • Seek peace, in all things. Peace with one's self brings peace in one's surroundings and vice-versa.

Path of the Assassin
Severity Moral Guideline Reasoning
10 Killing during feeding. Killing someone and drawing attention to yourself and your nature brings undue attention to you and your allies.
9 Betraying an Ally violation of a tenant of the path
8 Drawing undue attention to yourself See above.
7 harming an Innocent see above.
6 Causing someone to suffer during death killing someone should be quick and painless, it is not something to gain enjoyment from
5 Frenzying If you control yourself, you control your situation
4 Not trying to learn everything you can about an enemy and their tactics. To oppose one's enemies successfully, one must learn all about them.
3 Refusing to help an ally in need when asked nobody should be left alone if help is needed
2 Not stepping in to defend an innocent defending people, protecting freedom, the family buisiness.
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A collection of things Malik has picked up on Jaunts or from people:


  • A number of fountain pens
  • various colored inks
  • sticky notes in various shapes and colors
  • spare changes of clothes
    • clothing that fits his teenage form
    • Nova Venezia Robes and Outfit
    • modern t-shirts and a couple pairs of jeans

  • A 3D with a copy of:
    • Pokemon X (IC nonsense here)



  • 1928 Oxford English Dictionary (10 volumes)
  • 1928-accurate World Atlas
  • Encyclopedia Britannia (13th Edition (12th+ suppelments))
  • Declaration of Independence (copy)
  • US Constitution (copy)
  • US Bill of Rights + Amendments 1-19 (copy)
  • Magna Carta


  • Complete works of William Shakespeare
  • Complete works of Edgar Allen Poe
  • A varied collection of american poetry circa 1928.
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Malik's Codex is located in the front area of his own Room Creation area and contains his personal account and opinions of the Jaunts/Walkabouts he has been on as well as his fellow Travelers.

Malik also has a private journal and other papers that hold his personal writing that is findable if a character goes looking in his bookshelves/desk.

Please either PM his journal or send me a private plurk (@corbix) if your character wants to try to read the Codex or Malik's personal writings, as some will be coded or have Explosive Runes cast on them. He also employs a code involving post-it notes and colored inks.

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Arcana Favor: Death
  • Entropy
  • Marked Harmony
  • Just A Phase

Liminal Skills:
  • Liminal Power
  • Portal Creation (stationary)
  • Hammerspace II
  • Liminal Manipulation II
  • Room Creation III
  • Teleportation III
  • Liminal Permanence
  • Dimensional Sense

Psychic Skills
  • Sensory Livestream

Combo Skills
  • Linked Hammerspace (Altair)

Jaunt Skills:
  • Interface (The Grid)
  • Interrogate (The Grid)
  • Convert (The Grid)
  • Lightcycle: Defender Red (The Grid)
  • Dignity: Asfour's Sparrow Form (Purgatory)
  • Lightning Age Prosthetic: left arm (Nova Venezia, Blitzkoff creation)
  • Lightning Age Technology: Prosthesis repair/maintenance (Nova Venezia)
  • Cantrips I (Dorolessa/Misericordia)
  • Color Magic II: Red(Dorolessa/Misericorda)
  • X-Pressure Sickness (Doki)
    • Ganymede Syndrome (teenager)
    • Tiresias Syndrome (female form) Trigger: getting toes stepped on

  • S. Tech:
    • Hammerspace Interference
    • S. Tech: Mascot Pet (Raven)

  • 1920's Dance (Spades)
  • Elven Form (Lightside/Darkside)
  • Pogemon Partner: Athena
  • Immortal Ichor
  • Mermaid Totem: morray eel

Other Skills
  • Eagle Vision
  • Atma Virus
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Name: Malik Al-Sayf
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Canon: Assassin's Creed
Canon Point: 1195
Link to Application: App

Moogle Name: Tazim
Moogle Gender: Male

Jobs: Scholar, Ninja
Limit Break: "Glory of Victory, Pain of Defeat" : Malik moves quickly, attacking a single target and and dealing damage to equal his own injuries. If he is uninjured it heals them. (effectively matches a targets health to his own)

Link to HMD: HMD
Link to Permission List: n/a
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Name: Bix
Age: 25
Personal Journal: n/a
Contact: Plurk @corbix
Other In-Game Characters: n/a

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  • Call Fire: creates a small candle-sides flame
  • Cure Minor Wounds
  • Dawn: gently wakes someone
  • Message: speak privately to someone over a long distance so long as there is line of sight
  • Silence Portal

Red Spells

  • Endure Elements (1): comfortably protects a target (self or other) from hostile environments between -50F and 140F. This includes equipment
  • Flame Arrow (3): You turn ammunition (such as arrows, bolts, shuriken, and stones) into fiery projectiles. Each piece of ammunition deals fire damage to any target it hits. A flaming projectile can easily ignite a flammable object or structure, but it won’t ignite a creature it strikes.
  • Explosive Runes (3): Tracing these mystic runes upon a book, map, scroll, or similar object bearing written information. The runes detonate when read. You and any characters you specifically instruct can read the protected writing without triggering the runes. Likewise, you can remove the runes whenever desired.
  • Clutch of Orcus (3): Reaching out a hand, you squeeze your foe’s heart from afar, paralyzing your victim.  The longer you concentrate, the more likely they are to die.  If they do, their smoking heart appears in your hand.  You may only affect a single humanoid within 100 feet of yourself.
  • Lay of the Land (4): In your mind, a map unfolds of the surrounding area, showing cities, hamlets, and known ruins as if penned in by a cartographer.  It gives basic information relevant to major landmarks, such as rivers, lakes, and settlements, and indicates the direction and distance to each from the current location.  You have a good understanding of the terrain up to 50 miles from your current location.  This does not give information on traps, passwords, or impediments to a journey.  This can only be cast upon yourself and only shows you the knowledge in a snapshot at the time of casting. It does not change as you move.
  • Cursed Blade (4) Whispering a vehement curse, you draw your finger down the weapon.  Now it deals wounds which cannot be healed in any usual fashion.  Not until someone casts a remove curse spell upon the creature you injure
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P L A Y E R;
AGE: 24
PLAYER JOURNAL: bixasaurus
CONTACT: plurk @corbix

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